A Europress P100 on the road through the US state of Oregon

A Europress P100 on the road through the US state of Oregon

On the road is a Europress P100 (10,000 litres) through the US state of Oregon.
Two American trucks are ready to hand over the Europress. The second truck takes over the transport directly to the customer.





new grape presses Europress in the winery dreissigacker, germany

Last year, the new winery Jochen Dreissigacker in Bechtheim in the middle of the Rheinhessen countryside was impressively implemented. The new building offers plenty of space and advanced technical equipment, which should make the daily work of winemakers much easier. The design also ensures optimum room temperature in the storage rooms. Selected or ecologically sustainable materials and equipment determine the impression of the rooms.

During the construction of the new winery, our machines were also delivered:

1 x grape press Europress T 150 (15.000 l) with the following special equipment:
• two large pneumatic drum openings with sealed doors
• Frequency-controlled drive motor for gentle grape must processing
• new generation Easy-Clean juice channels in removable design
• electropolished channel design
• Mobile connection to the Smartphone
• intelligent pressing program control OPTI Drain
• Level control of the juice tray


2 x grape presses Europress-Edition Tc52 (5.200 l) with the features:
• Cool Isolated ™: cooling jacket with full insulation
• Cool T-CONTROL ™: program start after preselected mash temperature
• OPTI Drain ™: Intelligent press program control
• The Easy-Clean juice channels in folding and demountable versions are also used here, as well as a mobile connection to the Smartphone Mobil Connect ™ and the level control of the juice tray.

In addition, a complete catwalk system with staircase in stainless steel was mounted. A slidable hopper-system including the separately placeable crusher TM 700 is used to feed and fill the presses with large boxes.

We congratulate the winery Dreissigacker for the forthcoming opening in May and wish for the following years much success combined with excellent wines.


Viticulture Viniculture in Budapest


Viticulture Viniculture exhibition in Budapest

... is the name of the annual Hungarian Viticulture & viniculture exhibition in Budapest.
At the end of January the visitors were able to see the grape press Europress T24 cool and the destemmer AS10 with roller sorter and squeezer at the booth of our distributor Új Vinoservice Kft.


We mourn for Bernd Scharfenberger

We mourn for Bernd Scharfenberger

We mourn the death of our founder and managing director


His struggle against a brief, severe illness has come to an end.
Until shortly before his death he devoted his considerable energy, great knowledge, and enormous understanding of human nature to the continuing development of his company.

With far-sightedness, skill and sheer ability combined with great commitment, he transformed the family’s small workshop in Wachenheim into a successful enterprise active throughout the world.

All who worked with him will remember with gratitude his openness and humanity.
We will hold the deceased in honoured Memory.



obituary - Eberhard Grade

obituary - Eberhard Grade

We learnt with great sorrow the sad news that our long-standing colleague and employee,


died on 27.06.2017 at the age of 59 years. Mr. Grade worked for our company for 25 years, the greater part of that time as foreman of Final Assembly - Presses. With his death we have lost a loyal and conscientious master craftsman, and a greatly respected and valued colleague and friend.

We extend our heartfelt sympathy and sincere condolences to his family. We will retain many fond memories of Mr. Grade.




Braud machine for harvesting gooseberries

In Brandenburg in the district of Dahme-Spreewald is time for harvesting gooseberries.

Our team has enhanced the BRAUD machine for harvesting in the berry bushes. Among other things, the machine received a special crop harvester. The result was impressive and excellent.



service days for French sales partners

In order to react quickly and competently to customers requests and needs, our French sales partners received on 8th and 8th June 2017 many important information about our Europress grape presses.

Within the second-day event, extensive technical know-how was taught by our technicians in mechanics and electrical Engineering. Thus an intensive service, e.g. the commissioning of presses as well as inspections and maintenance, can be carried out in French Wine regions Alsace and Val de Loire.




One of the planned projects this year is the expansion of the grape processing plant at the Weingut Reiterer in Wies, Austria:

The photos show currently 5 grape-presses EUROPRESS T60 (6000 Ltr.) Tank presses with fully automatic cleaning system for inside draining channels - two more presses will be added this year. Furthermore the winery in the beautiful West Styria will receive a second grape selection line - among other things, with vibrating sorting table model VS 3,6 and destemmer Euroselect for gentle transport, destemming and selecting of Grapes.



The new EUROPRESS-edition



The German company Scharfenberger Maschinenbau presented at the fair Intervitis Interfructa Hortitechnica 2016 in Stuttgart/Germany the new EUROPRESS-edition. Progressive innovations which wants to further simplify the processes for wine production and save time-, energy- und operating costs.

The EUROPRESS-edition has been equipped with advanced features that ensure greater efficiency in energy and personnel costs while maintaining exceptional quality in press results.

Two major further developments Inert-Protect™ ECO and Cool-T-control™ were awarded as an excellent innovation by the German Viticulture Association at the Intervitis Interfructa Hortitechnica 2016 in the "Processing and Process Control" division.

Users are enabled to overlay the pressing drum (when the pressing system is closed) efficiently and economically with inert gas, by means of the innovative ‘Function’ Inert-Protect™ ECO. Longer mash maceration times are thus made possible as well as entire pressing cycles, to the exclusion of oxygen from the ambient air.

Cool-T-control™ enables the operative to preselect any required temperature for the grapes or grape mash for onward processing, by means of the “Scharfenberger Company COOL Version” tank press equipment with cooling jacket. Dependent on the initial temperature of the grapes or grape mash, the press program will be started-up on a controlled basis, after obtaining the required- or preselected -temperature.

The innovations of the ‘Scharfenberger Maschinenbau’ are shown in the latest generation of Juice Channels: The EasyClean-Channel™ System combines the benefits of a folding- and coupling mechanism.The hygienic and long service-life channel of stainless steel manufacture can be folded away via a rapid coupling facility and remains in the pressing basket for cleansing purposes. In cases of intensive cycle routines the Juice Channel can be disassembled rapidly and removed, without the necessity of using tools.

The international leading manufacturer has developed a new generation of cooling jackets for closed Pressing Systems (Modell T) with its Cool Isolated™ System. Quite apart from the very thin selected cooling pocket on the pressing drum, the whole assembly of the double jacket is encased in an efficient insulation layer from the exterior. The new generation of cooling jackets – the Cooling Isolated™ – System makes it possible, for practically 90% of the refrigerating energy to be applied to the pressing basket.

The grape- or grape mash press version OPTI JUICE™ has a number of sensors available as well as measuring facilities in the pressing drum and/or in the grape mash- and grape juice -areas, which enable the operative to conduct the grape- and grape mash -routines according to quite specific criterions, and/or to obtain information on the grape- mash and -grape juice, which is relevant for quality and the pressing process.




Thank you for your visit at our stand at INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA HORTITECHNICA 2016 in Stuttgart


We were very pleased with the high volume of visitors and the professional interest on our machines. This was evidenced by the positive feedback received from the visitors when we showcased a wide range of news and innovations. We would like to thank all visitors and partners for their visit and the time they took to obtain the information about our products.

For the first time we presented our new EUROPRESS-edition in the new design, with newly developed control system and innovative functions.

From our varied range of grape presses we also showed:
Model C80/P150: open press system with a drum-capacity of 15.000 liters
Model T52 Inert Protect Pro™ closed press system with inert gas installation
Model P34: open press system with electrical driven wheel drive as special equipment
Model S20: dual press system integrated a low noise compressor
Model Tx6: closed press system with a special drainage system for a gentle juice extraction of all stone and berry fruits
Model Tx1: closed press system

In addition we presented grape processing system with further developments:
Destemmer model AS10-RS with special equipment - roller sorter/ model RS15 and crushing unit model TQ and large infill hopper with extended feeding auger
Destemmer model AS 25 with a capacity approx. 15-30 t/h with crushing unit model TQ
Destemmer EUROSELECT model ES for very gentle handling due to soft rubber fingers
Vibration sorting table model VS 2,6
Whole cluster transport belt model FB 40/22 with large infill hopper and crushing unit model TQ
Optical sorter model EUROSELECT for gentle grape sorting



modern and forward-looking

Renewal of the acceptance line – the Vollmer Vineyard in Ellerstadt

Renewal of the acceptance line – the Vollmer Vineyard in Ellerstadt

The innovative impetus to achieve exceptional results inspired Mr Heinrich Vollmer – who is a passionate enthusiast for both mountaineering and the cultivation of specialist wines – to completely modernise his Palatinate vineyard in Ellerstadt.

With 140 hectares, the family business is one of the biggest privately-owned vineyards in Germany. As longstanding partners, we implemented its requirements and objectives, resulting in a modern and fully automatic acceptance line. The collection tub has a capacity of 15,000 l and is suitable for both harvesters and grape trailers.

The extensive wine cellar is home to three of our biggest EUROPRESS 320 T grape presses (capacity of the pressing basket = 32,000 l) for differing varieties and qualities of grape. In addition to a cooling jacket, the presses were also equipped with special options, such as a fully automatic cleaning system and our latest innovation, Cool T Control ™, which enables the operator to preselect a specific grape or must temperature for the further processing.

Due to the special arrangement of the three presses, they can be filled directly without pumping with a large-scale rotating screw. All of the elements in the scope of the transportation of the grapes are controlled by a frequency inverter so that their gentle transportation is ensured.
For the eventual disposal of the grape marc, a total of 45 m grape marc screws with a diameter of 400 mm were installed.

The complete system went into operation in time for the beginning of autumn on 16th September 2016. With the conversion work, Mr Vollmer has secured the future of his vineyard – including the approaching change of generation to his daughter, who is set to assume management of the vineyard after completing her studies in viniculture in Geisenheim.



OPEN DAY 22th May

Nice to see you here...

open day with focus of harvesting machine BRAUD 8030L

Many thanks to our numerous guests for their visit to our Open Day on the 22th of May 2016. In addition to our wide range of presses and grape processing systems, we presented the harvesting machine BRAUD 8030L for the first time.



Training sessions for our distributors in April

Technical know-how goes worldwide

Training sessions for our dealers in April

- What are the most important things when maintaining and servicing grape presses?
- How do you repair or change a membrane?
- How can control programs be uploaded to older control panels?

We answered these and many other questions concerning the EUROPRESS during the dealer training sessions in our works. From 12th.- 14th. April 2016 our English-speaking distributors from Great Britain, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Australia and Japan were given all necessary information and certifications to be able to react quickly and accurately to customers' enquiries.

Our guests took great interest in the explanations offered by our technicians, Karl Kauk and Harald Stumpfs, who covered mechanical aspects of the Europress. Besides the theory, there were detailed insights into the equipment options of the Europress. There was emphasis on the drive and pneumatics of the membrane press including the care and maintenance of individual components.

Mr. Blum, manager of control systems assembly, gave an overview of the internals of a control cabinet and explained the digital display of the control system. Here too the participants received comprehensive information about the various digital sub-assemblies.

On a tour of our works, the distributors gained an impression of the production and logistics departments at work. The third day was devoted to fascinating visits to local vineyards and wineries. Our thanks here to the teams at WG Wachenheim, Weingut Bassermann Jordan in Deidesheim, and to Weingut am Nil in Kallstadt.

It was evident that our dealers really enjoyed the extensive programme and took great interest in the grape-processing machines and their Technologies.




Premium Quality with Scharfenberger’s Optical Grape Sorting

Farewell at the start of well-earned retirement
optical grape sorting by Scharfenberger

Gentle handling of the harvest combined with optimum preparation and sorting are important factors for the best possible grape quality.  Healthy and absolutely ripe berries are the basis for producing outstanding wines. This makes fully automatic grape sorting ever more significant, particularly in the light of climate change and the associated increased risk of rotting.

Over the years the wages of seasonal labourers have increased so that manual selection has become more and more expensive. It is here that optical sorting offers clear advantages; both the cost factor and the sorting results remain constant.

With its new optical sorting plant, Scharfenberger Maschinenbau offers vineyards and wine producers an efficient and cost-effective alternative to troublesome manual grape selection.
In this process the grape harvest to be sorted is rapidly analysed in free fall by HD cameras, and rotten and unripe berries together with any remaining foreign material are reliably removed with the aid of compressed air jets. Detection is on the basis of both visible colours and infrared. A chroma function enables steplessly adjustable colour detection from the surface to the centre of objects. Further processing of the images and the easy switching on and off of sorting criteria is carried out by highly efficient microprocessors. The throughput with four cameras is ca. 5 t/h.

The stainless steel frame of the optical sorter is easily adjustable for height and level. To separate the harvest the grapes are fed on to a fast-running conveyor belt made of food-safe plastic to spread them uniformly for the cameras. The speed of this belt is steplessly adjustable. Numerous inspection openings on the machine ensure good accessibility and make cleaning quick and easy.




Agrovina Martigny trade fair /Switzerland

The Swiss Trade Fair for wine-growing, oenology and fruit growing, AGROVINA, took place from 26th. January to 29th. January 2016 in Martigny. With over 200 exhibitors and numerous specialist seminars, the biennial event provided information about product innovations and trends in the wine and fruit-growing sectors.
The friendly team from our dealer Oeno Pôle Sàrl from Bursins, Switzerland welcomed interested specialist visitors on its stand. We exhibited EUROPRESS models Px9, S15 and S24.



Impressions of the first Winzer-Service trade fair in Karlsruhe

The first Winzer-Service Trade Fair took place in Karlsruhe on 25th. and 26th. November, not far from our factory. Together with several other companies, Bramlage-RRauh, Kiesel, Karl Knauer, Kreyer, Strassburger Filter and Costral, we welcomed a good number of visitors on a joint stand run by another company in the sector, Zimber.
Our sincere thanks to the Zimber Kellereibedarf team for planning and organisation, and for providing refreshments for our guests.



a glance back at SIMEI in Milan

Time for a glance back! Accompany us through the exciting trade shows of the winter months.
SIMEI in Milan, from 3rd. to 6th. November 2015 was an important meeting point for us to present our products and innovations to the international specialist public. Here we presented the Europress-Cool T42, Europress P20, Vibrating Selection Table, and the new optical grape Sorter.



special arrangement of presses in a triangle

This installation at 'Weingut Stadt Krems', Austria, was completed in good time for the start of the 2015 grape harvest.
The new grape plant was made up of a 7m long Scharfenberger whole-grape conveyor belt, three EUROPRESS T 52 grape presses, and three STHIK grape trailers.
For perfect charging and pomace disposal, the presses were ideally arranged in a triangle.



shipping of our largest tank press with cooling jacket

In good time for the 2015 harvest season, the T320 cool (32,000 l) was commissioned at 'Weingut Vollmer' in Ellerstadt. The photos show it in our production buildings, being loaded, through to the erection and commissioning of the largest tank press with a cooling jacket at the customer's premises.



Visit from Great Britain - Members of SEVA, the South East Vineyards Association came to visit us

On 17.07.2015, 22 members of SEVA, the South East Vineyards Association, from Great Britain came to visit us. We welcomed our guests with German coffee and a comprehensive presentation. This was followed by a tour of our production buildings and extensive discussions. The impressions were given added depth by the subsequent wine tasting at the von Winning vineyard in Deidesheim.
We would like to thank the members of SEVA for their interest, and Jonathan Chaplin of Core Equipment Ltd. for helping to organise this event. Our thanks also to the young team at the 'von Winning vineyard'.



Our dealers from France took part in our service training sessions on the 27th and 28th May, and our partners from Switzerland, Austria and Germany, and our Polish colleagues from TSN had their training sessions on the 2nd and 3rd July 2015 – everyone showed great interest. During these two-day events, the participants were given a lot of important information in addition to the theoretical and practical elements of our Europress grape presses.

The mechanical area was explained by our Mr Kauk from the grape presses customer service division. The foci were on the ordering of spare parts, a detailed insight into the facilities, as well as on the drive and pneumatic membrane presses and the care and maintenance of the individual components.
Our Mr. Blum, manager of control engineering, was responsible for the electric and electronic parts. Here, the focus was on the control via a digital user interface, as well as the construction of the control cabinet for all the press models.

In addition, our grape processing systems, such as de-stemmers, vibrating-selectors, whole grape conveyor belts and much more, were shown. A detailed factory tour through the production areas, as well as the individual discussions thereafter, completed the programme. In spite of the heat, participants visibly had a lot fun. We were delighted at the interest.



We have made room: In March 2015 our Electronics department staff moved to new, modern rooms. The larger, brighter environment offers our employees in this department, seven at the moment, better possibilities for developing, programming, producing and testing control systems.

Six fully-equipped workplaces, a foreman’s office and two programming offices for four software developers have been created in an office area of 50 square metres and a workshop area of more than 150 square metres. A central, open store system provides material and spare parts for daily needs and is directly accessible to every technician.  The additional, automatic lean-lift shelf ensures further large storage capacity and the resulting prompt supply of machine parts.

Together with our motivated specialists and the new rooms, we are well equipped for the future and can offer our customers state -of-the-art products, know how, competent service and a supply of spare parts all under one Roof.



We tested how our new machines perform in practice at various vineyards: The fully automatic, optical sorting machine that reliably separates the unripe and over-ripe grapes from the good grapes as well as the roller sorter model: RS, as a pre-sorter optionally to the destemmer were in operation.



The innovative separating and sorting system of our new BRAUD harvesting machine Opti-Grape ensures best picking quality and was already awarded the gold medal at the SITEVI 2013. The combination of the rest trapping, the corrugated sorting belt and the mechanical separation by an air jet guarantee a very high sorting rate. Do you want a machine demonstration? Then just contact us.



A EUROPRESS Ti250 (25.000 l) with inert gas device left our company premises with plenty of power under the bonnet of the haulage truck. The grape press is on its way to a customer in Russia.


SYMPOSIUM INERTGAS Pressing under inert gas possibilities and limits

We welcomed numerous guests to our second Scharfenberger-Symposium. Our guest speaker Prof. Dr. Dominik Durner from the Wine Campus Neustadt a.d. Weinstrasse explained the basic principles and advantages of inert gas pressing in his lecture; here, contact of the must with oxygen during the pressing process and collection of the juice is avoided. This is done by feeding nitrogen in the press (only in the closed system – model T) as well as in the closed juice vat. The result is fresh white wines with an intensive aroma such as Sauvignon blanc and Riesling. In addition to the lecture there was a tasting of the sample wines and opportunity for discussion and exchange of ideas.